Planning a baby shower: Paci Baby Cake Pops! Lol!!!

Have you ever had a cake pop? I LOVE cake pops! The perfect amount of cake and sweetness neatly packaged up. Just big enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, just small enough to not feel too guilty.

When I was shopping for party supplies I came across candy eyes and tiny toy pacifiers…doesn’t that scream BABY HEAD CAKE POPS to you? Lol!!!

Cake pops are SUPER SIMPLE to make and if you’re good with melted chocolate(I’m still trying to perfect that), then you’re GOLDEN!

I took one box of funfetti cake mix and made the cake as directed. Then after the cake had cooked and cooled, my little girl got to work 🙂 If you have kids or enjoy playing around, this is the BEST part! You take the cake and tear it to teeny tiny pieces, crumbs…I pull off all the edges and reserve those for snacks since they’re a little crunchy. My daughter LOVES doing this part. As soon as my son understands that he can’t just take his hands full of cake and insert them into his mouth and back into the bowl he’ll get to help too:-) i usually give him his own bowl to play with- I do like to try and make sure things are as absolutely clean as possible, germ wise, especially when serving food to others;-)

After the cake is completely crumbed you add one container of frosting and stir. This makes a sticky, gooey, tasty mixture.

Line a cookie sheet with something, I used aluminum foil and then roll small handfuls of the cake mixture into balls and place it onto the cookie sheet. Once it’s full, put it in the freezer. This is SUPER important!!!! If you don’t have super cold cake pops, then when you roll them in the melted candy coating/chocolate, they will dissolve and make a chocolately cake mess. Also, do NOT add anything to your chocolate! Read the directions! For my chocolate coating, you could only use oil or dry food coloring. Regular food coloring would have ruined the chocolate consistency! I learned that the hard way a long time ago.

After the cake pops have been in the freezer for about two hours I start to melt my chocolate. This time I used a tray of candy melt from Walmart that you pull out of the packaging, put into the microwave, stir, heat again, stir and them at ninja fast speed start dipping your cake pops.

Ninja fast speed and some clever thinking have been how I’ve gotten the cake pops covered. I take two spoons, put a little bit of melted chocolate on one spoon, place the cake pop on top of that(that put the coating on the bottom so I don’t have to roll the cake pop)then spoon more chocolate on top so it’s completely coated. I then transferred the cake pop back to the cookie sheet, shoved a Paci in it, and put two candy eyes on it. If you’re worried about not going fast enough, only pull a few out at a time;-)

After all the cake pops had set, I decided to use some Wilton edible markers tondo some embellishments on the Paci baby cake pops. I drew noses, eye brows, and cheeks on most of them! While my chocolate dipping job wasn’t the best, they were a hit at the shower, very delicious, and hilarious!!!!.





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