Is that mailroom cart a diaper changing table? Yes! It was also my college entertainment stand too!!!!


I love my diaper changing table. It holds so many memories for me. Lol!!! It does!!!

When I went to college, I lived in the dorms and was issued a twin bed with mattress(which I lofted), a desk, and a bookshelf. My roommate had the same. Our rooms were TINY! I’m talking 10’x12′ or something crazy like that! I loved switching my room around and rearranging things ALL THE TIME!!!! It seemed to make the space more livable when it would change every few weeks. I loved moving the furniture around, but the one thing I disliked was having to take apart the entertainment things. It is a chore to unplug all the cables and wires, move all your equipment(tv & DVD player) and then move all your DVDs, cd’s(before the era of digital downloads), and then reassemble it all.

Here, enters my mail cart:-). My dad had been using a mail cart he found at SAMs for a year or so as a mobile workbench/tool caddy in his shop. After examining it, I figured out that it would be a perfect entertainment stand! When assembling the mail cart, I put the deep basket as the bottom shelf, then the two regular shelves above.

My mail cart entertainment center went as the following: TV on the top shelf, DVD player and CD player on second shelf, and cd’s/DVDs on the very bottom in the basket.

Whenever we wanted to rearrange our room, we simply unplugged our entertainment stuff from the wall then wheeled it to it’s next destination:-)

I used it as an entertainment center for all of college, then after I got married it went in our guest bedroom as an entertainment center, then I got pregnant and started looking at changing tables…..

Have you seen the prices that they charge for just a simple changing stand?!?!?!? OMG!!!! Yes, you can use the top of a dresser, BUT…my future child’s dresser was full(small dresser I actually had as a child) and if you have kids and are like me, you like to have all your diapers together, don’t have time to transfer them into a cute caddy($$$$) and at least in the beginning, might be in for some crazy diapers that need to be changed(requiring for another new diaper because the new one you just put on them instantly got used and you don’t want to chance covering everything in poop).

Here Comes the Mail cart!!!!

I put the changing pad on top and could anchor it, the second shelf holds at least a Costco box of diapers and a bulk package of wipes as well as the actual wipes container that I pull wipes from and constantly refill. The bottom shelf usually holds another Costco box worth of diapers as well as all my extra bags from shopping-you never know when you are going to have a diaper so stinky it needs to be separately bagged.

When I need to vacuum or mop the room that the changing table is in, I simply wheel it out, then back in again. It is super easy to clean, holds everything, and best of all, I already had it so I could focus that money towards something that we truly needed;-)

Never think of an object just as it’s title, you’re selling yourself short! Think about what you need and then what you have.

My husband and I have been thrilled to have this mail cart for so long! He was even more thrilled when I re-thought it’s purpose from entertainment center to diaper changing table!


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