Easter Bunny Juice Boxes





My daughters Spring class party is on Thursday and I was asked if I had any ideas for the drink. I searched Pinterest to find something simple, cute, and that didn’t require a lot of set up or supplies.

I was inspires by these juice bunny boxes that I had found:

But…it had a template and to be honest, there are SO MANY juice box sizes. So…I did what I always do and modified the design to work how I wanted it.

After thinking about the bunny covers, I wanted to make sure that I made the straws able to be pulled off WITHOUT destroying the bunny face. It’s way more fun to drink out of a bunny box then to unwrap it.

To do the cover, I took my juice box, placed it at one side of my paper on it’s side, marked it, rolled it onto it’s center, marked it, then rolled it to it’s other side, marked it and then cut. Once it was cut, I folded along my marks. There was my template for the cover. I found that I could do about 4 sheets of paper at a time. I made a total of 24:-). Then I taped them onto the boxes.

Now for the ears: I took the juice box, laid it on it’s center, drew the width and then drew some ears. I cut them out on paper first to see if I liked it. After I liked my ears, I got out my Lucky Charms box from my recycling and traced my paper ears to form a template to cut out and then transfer onto paper for mass cutting. Once all the ears were cut, I colored them pink<3

I slide the ears behind the straws then taped the exposed part;-)

Super super easy!! I drew faces and then put them back into the box that they came in!!!! All in all this project took about 1 hour. I cannot wait for my daughter's class to see these!!!!


P.S….this method will also work for personal boxes of wine for a touch of grown up fun at Spring Garden or Easter Parties!!!! Lol!!!!!



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