DIY Clothespin Wreathes for Teacher Appreciation and Baby Shower!




Do you give presents to your child’s teacher? My daughter has a teacher, an assistant, and is lucky enough to also have a student teacher in her classroom. My son is in preschool and has a teacher as well as an assistant too. So when the end of the year comes along we get to show our appreciation. I do not mind giving gifts, they have given my children such love over that year that I always look forward to this time.

As I have observed in both my daughter and son’s classroom, I had noticed that desktop space was at a premium. So, what can you give them that could be home-made, in-expensive, not take up a lot of space, and best of all be useful…..A CLOTHESPIN WREATH!!!!

I found this at Walmart:


It is a wire wreath. The best part about it, is that it is made up if 4 wire circles! I cut the circles apart using my lineman pliers(I love my tools and my Dad ensures that I had a decent collection<3) I then outlined the rings on a box(lucky harms cereal box) that would be the back support and what I would use to secure the clothespins from sliding around the ring.

I then tested out to see how many clothespins would fit on each ring. After I figured out how many clothes pins would fit, I took them off, put them on a box so that I could spray paint them, and spray painted EVERYTHING!!!! I did three red apples and then one a sage green color for the baby shower that I had thrown.

After the paint had dried, set the metal ring down, lines it with clothespins until I liked how it looked, then got out my hot glue gun and lined the cardboard ring with glue. One the cardboard had glue on it, I places it onto the clothespins and pushed hard to anchor it all together:-)

For the teacher gifts, they were suppose to resemble apples so they were finished off with a green ribbon tie and a portion of soft tape measure glued in the shape of a bow. For the baby shower one, I finished it off with a green ribbon tie and matching ow hit glued to it!

1 wire wreath: $3/4 rings= $0.75/wreath
1 can spray paint=$3.99/3=$1.33/wreath
2 packages of clothespins= $2 per wreath
1 package of flexible measuring tape=$2.75/3=$0.92/wreath
1 package of ribbon= $1/3=$0.34

Papa Johns was kind enough to give me the pizza boxes for transport at no cost even though I offered to pay.

We will fill these wreathes with notes from everyone and maybe gift cards and such:-)

For the baby shower wreath, I already had a can of that color spray paint. The expecting momma can use this wreath to collect all the cards of congratulations right now and maybe her child's artwork in the future, or Christmas cards…the possibilities are endless!!!








    • I’m glad to hear that I’ve helped you. There are so many ways to use your own creativity to help yourself and others:-)

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    • I created this web website myself :-). It was very easy. There are tons of templates out there! Best of luck!

    • So glad I could help! We love making these! Here’s a hint…if you can’t get all the tiny metal pieces off the ring, don’t worry because your clothespins will hide it! Best of luck to you!

    • This is a modified free theme. I feel that pictures are so important to my blog and that this template properly highlight lights it all.

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