A Day of Giving



I have been anxiously looking forward to today for a very long time. Easter makes me think of family, good health, and all the blessings that we have.

I have discovered a passion for painting little peg people:


I made my first set of princess peg people as an item for The Big Latch On World Breastfeeding Event in Aug 2013. I loved giving them away:-)

The second time I made these dolls a friend and co-worker of my husband had been diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to desperately make her something special. I made a little Japanese women wearing a kimono with little cherry blossoms on it. I chose colors and symbols that had special meanings. She was an incredibly kind woman who sadly did not win her battle. I always think of her when I go to design a new doll and all the happiness and joy that they bring to their owners<3

The third and fourth times I made them, I made them for a very special little girl and boy who would eventually leave our country. I wanted to give them something handmade with love. When we have the little boy his set of ninjas, I loved watching him play with them. They were so simple and you could just see his imagination in work<3!!!

Well, after making these dolls four times, it was time to make some for my own children. I made a set of princesses and matching princes for my daughter and a set super heroes and ninja turtles for my son as well as a set of tiny ninjas for them to share. They would take these dolls with them everywhere. I loved and still love watching them play with the peg people dolls. Then the idea struck me that I wanted to let others experience this joy too.

Buy One Give One.

A friend of mine has made incredible soft luvies for a long time. She started
making a soft luvie for an orphanage in Mexico(I believe it was Mexico) for every luvie that she sold.

When the thought of selling these peg people came to mind, I couldn't help thinking that I could use my crafting to help others, just as my friend had. I contacted a hospital and they put me in contact with the children's hospital who said that they would love to receive the little dolls I make. So I made a small order of blank peg people and offered this good to my friends. Surprisingly within three hours my blanks were all called for.

I went about painting the orders and delivering them to my friends and today was the pay off!!!! My children and I brought them into the children's hospital and they were very appreciative<3!!! I really look forward to doing more of this!!!!! Tonight I will put in another huge order for blanks:-)!!!!

This is a picture of what we donated and of my children handing them over:



But that’s not all!!!!!!!!!!

Go big or go home right?

I went in for a hair cut and was wanting to chop off my hair for summer….well…if I was going to chop off 6″ might as well make it 8″ and donate it!!!! So that’s what I did!!!!!



It feels so incredible to give<3. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to give in so many ways. I will have sweet dreams tonight of children playing with dolls I hand painted and of hair that will be given to someone who does not have any.


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