Fun Easter Bunny Sandwiches for kids



What do you do when a holiday comes along for your child at school?

For my kids, I love to paint their sandwiches!!!!

I do it for special holidays and just at other random times. If we have a rainy day and are having sandwiches for dinner, I’ll let them paint their bread to kill time until dinner:-)

So how do you paint bread???? Grab a few small containers or glasses, pour a little bit of milk in it, then add a drop or two of your favorite food colors. Use a paint brush that hasn’t been used before and make sure that it has been washed and then get painting!!!!

But doesn’t it get the bread soggy? Yes!!!! Try to paint lightly, but yes, where you’ve painted will get a little soggy….How do you fix that? TOAST THE BREAD!!!

When I make a lot of painted bread at once I use our oven and just put the bread on a cookie sheet in the over, but last night I was just making sandwiches for my daughter and son, so I used our toaster:-)

My kids love just cream cheese sandwiches so that’s what I usually pack(think bagel and cream cheese but fluffier because bread isn’t as dense).

Happy painting!!!

Remember….They Will Love Your Effort!!!<3

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