Hilarious Big Easter Bunny Wine Box!


Ok, making bunny drinks may officially be getting out of control!!! Lol!!!!

I’d like to introduce you to the mega bunny!!!! It is a wine box that holds the equivalent of 4 bottles if wine!!! Lol!!!


I simply took a regular sheet of copy paper, wrapped it around the box and taped it, cut a hole where the wine spout is, and then drew a face!!! Lol!!!!

This cracks me up every time I go to pour myself a glass of wine:-)

The big bunny wine box joins the mini box wine bunny for the adults for the Easter dinner table as well as the juice box bunnies that are for my children<3


I still haven’t ruled out hiding these little bunnies all over our yard for two separate drink hunts…one for kids and one for adults! Just imagine little bunnies scattered throughout my yard!! Hilarious!!!!

Hope you are all having fun preparing for Easter!

Remember….They Will Love Your Effort<3

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