Homemade hot chocolate packets!



I love hot chocolate. Every morning, I brew espresso into my homemade hot chocolate packet, add milk, microwave and enjoy my morning mocha:-). I like regular coffee too, but when I drink espresso drinks, the milk fills me up nicely and keeps me fuller longer.

When I fell into this pattern of enjoying a morning mocha and making my kids hot chocolate, I got tired of measuring out the ingredients every time. The reason why Swiss miss and other instant hot chocolate packets are so tempting is because it’s all mixed and you just add water or milk. If they can do it, why can’t I?

Off to the Dollar Tree I went and purchased one set of ten small round containers. I use those as well as some gladware I have to hold individual servings of ready made hot chocolate packets.

Ready for the recipe? It’s super complicated…NOT:-)

Hot chocolate mix:
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
2 tablespoons sugar

Add it to 1 cup, or 1 1/2 cups, or 2 cups of your liquid of choice(milk, water, etc). The less liquid you add the stronger/sweeter it will be;-)

That’s it:-)

Nothing else. You can get fancy once it’s made with add-ons like vanilla, peppermint, whatever, but it’s just as tasty plain:-)

Put those amounts in small containers, give it a nice shake to ensure that the cocoa powder is mixed thoroughly with the sugar(if you don’t, it won’t dissolve into your milk or water, I learned that the hard way), then when you want a cup of hot chocolate or in my case mocha, simply pull out a little container of the hot chocolate mix, shake, pour it into your cup, add milk, espresso, water, whatever, mix thoroughly, microwave, and enjoy:-)

Enjoy homemade hot chocolate without the pain of having to measure everything out all the time! It makes me more apt to say yes to my children for hot chocolate and they love how hot chocolate is a special drink:-)

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort


Hi! My name is Dominique and I’m lucky enough to be the wife to my True Love and mother to a little girl and a little boy. I grew up in the Midwest but have loved living in NC, our new home.

I’m actually an Industrial Engineer by schooling, but am now a domestic engineer(Stay-at-home-Mom) and feel very blessed to have this job.

I have always loved the challenge in making the most of things…whether it’s figuring out that a filing cabinet , a $10 piece of countertop and a few scraps of wood can be turned into a desk, that a curtain sheer, some ribbon, and a square piece of fabric can be transformed into an Elsa-like dress, or how to provide an interesting lunch for my little girl who is in a peanut free classroom. I love to figure things out and to create.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts. I hope that my posts will inspire you to create. I hope that with my posts you will see that They Will Love Your Effort, whether things turn our perfect or not;-)


  1. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m very happy that you like it!

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