Awesomely Huge DIY Magnet board!



I love magnets! I love all the possibilities of magnetic boards too!

We have stainless steel appliances and our fridge sides are enclosed so that meant that if I wanted to have magnets for myself and my kids, I’d have to get a little creative.

Enter Walmart!!!! Have you ever just wandered around their departments and looked at what they carry? They have some really fun useful things that are easily repurposed and best of all, Walmart generally tends to have all the items that you need to complete a project, PLUS the random household and grocery items that I constantly need:-)

I ran across a picture on Pinterest of an oil pan used as a magnet board. I was so curious, so I grabbed a magnet and headed to Walmart.

In the oil change section at Walmart, on the VERY BOTTOM SHELF, I found a huge silver oil pan:-)!



Only $12!!!!

I bought it, along with some Command Strips to stick it to the wall:-)

When I got home, I wiped it down, attached the command strips, and stuck it to the wall:-)

We love it and so far after a year and a half, it has held up perfectly!

I plan on getting two more to put one in each of my kids rooms:-)

We also took the Melissa and Doug magnetic wood dolls sets, glued huge magnets to the backs of those and have them on our big oil pan magnet board<3!!!!!!


Remember….They Will Love Your Effort!!!!


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