A Tray For Legos And So Much More


Both of my children love Legos. To be totally honest, my husband and I both did and still do love Legos<3.

There is only one think that I do not love about Legos and that is how there are SO MANY TINY PIECES. Tiny pieces equal lots of quiet concentrated building time, but it can also means tons of pieces everywhere.

I've seen lots of different containment systems for Legos and if you're like me, it's hard to want to invest a lot of $$$$ on some system that you're not sure if it will work well for you and your family.

Enter IKEA and these wonderful trays. I love trays. They work well for their intended purpose, but also for all my kids activities:
-Coloring: keeps the markers, crayons, pencils, etc in the same area as the paper and prevents them from rolling off the table.
-Play-dough: keeps all the little crumbs in one spot, and I can just wipe it down afterwards.
-Legos: the raised edges keeps the little pieces from rolling off the table and gives them a work area. If dinner comes up and they are in the middle of building something, I simply move the tray to the counter, we eat, clean up, then bring the tray back.

Do these trays prevent my son from dumping all the Legos or whatever onto the floor…no…but it helps A TON…and at only $1.97/tray, it's an investment I'm willing to risk.

Here is a link to the actual tray my son is using in the picture above:

This is just a small minor thing that works for our family. Maybe it will help yours in a way? Trays have so many uses! Don't be afraid to try something different:-)

Remember….They Will Love Your Effort <3

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