A Frozen Inspired Birthday Party: Sleds for Seating



My daughter loves the movie Frozen. She has been asking to have a Frozen birthday party at our home since the movie came out. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous….am still nervous…However, I always remind myself that ‘They Will Love Your Effort’ regardless if it’s absolutely perfect (and remember…only you have the ‘perfect vision’ in your own head).

So I started to think of a creative way for seating.

When I first got on Pinterest three years ago, I saw a picture of a birthday party with the theme ‘drive-in’. They took boxes and painted them to be cars and put those in front of a tv for a drive-in movie theatre:-). How awesome!!!!

Back to Frozen:-)

We love Sven(the sled pulling reindeer) from Frozen.

We love boxes. Who doesn’t love playing with boxes:-)

We love sledding.

So I thought we could combine it all<3

I try to hold onto our diaper boxes because they are a nice size and great for so many things…storage, transporting things, extra laundry baskets in a pinch…now they would be transformed into sleds:-). They fit a bed pillow in the bottom perfectly, so the box would be comfy for the movie too!


I took the lucky charms box out of my recycling, squared up two edges(side and top, taped it to the box, and free handed a sled design to create a template. I folded the box flaps in and decided to keep the flaps and fold them in to make the boxes a little bit stronger. So my design didn’t go below the fold in the flaps. I cut the sled template out and then traced it onto my box on both sides.



Then I grabbed a steak knife that had some serrated portion and cut out the traced parts.

But…it could be better…yes…I love cardboard and the possibilities! I thought, why not have a cup holder and popcorn holder? If I were building a real sled, I would love a cup holder! I even giggle to myself when I look in race cars and see a carbon fiber cup holder :-). We’re working with cardboard, so why not cut one in…so that’s just what I did!!! I had an awesome popcorn box leftover from the ‘she’s about to pop’ baby shower so I used that for design concept and my friend who had just thrown an AMAZING Frozen party said she’d let me have her clear cups, so I used one of those for design concept too!

After I had figured out the size that worked, I traced it onto a piece of recycled paper and created a cup/popcorn holder template.




Here is my son testing out the design:


I repeated this process on all the boxes that I had and then headed to Lowes Home Improvement store for some spray paint.


I’m not complete with this project yet. I’m still searching for 4 more large diaper boxes. There are a few smaller details(snowflakes to the sides and more)that I will add if I have time, but, you know what…my daughter was THRILLED when she saw these and I know that this is more than good enough. If I get to do more, awesome…if I don’t, I still think it’s pretty cool:-). These boxes will be the guests party favors. I hope they will love them! So far, I’ve only spent money on the spray paint. I’ll post my end dollar totals later.

I cannot wait to post pictures of them when they are completely finished, but I was just so excited by this that I had to share!


Remember…They Will Love Your Effort


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