Mom-klemore the Original Thriftsters


‘I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket…I-I-I’m hunting, looking for a come-up, this is really awesome!’

The song Thrift Store by Macklemore is one of my most favorite songs. It makes me think of my Mom, how I feel as a Mom, and all of my Mom friends:-)

When we get together we dish on our latest finds!

Here in NC there are major consignment sales during the fall and spring seasons. When we run into each other it’ s like:

‘OMG!! I popped 35 tags…now my kids are covered for clothes for the season…I-I-I was digging…searching for some cool toys now my kids Christmas toys are found!’

Or you run into a friend at the grocery store:

‘I went and clipped some ads…only spent $20 for these groceries! I’ve got my binder, I’ve got my cart full…THIS IS REALLY AWESOME’

Right now with planning my daughters birthday I feel like this:

‘My kid has a birth-day…,only got 20 days till it happens….I-I-I’m hunting… looking for an Elsa, This is really awesome:-/’

As moms we try to save, re-invent, repurpose…you name it! My Mom, and now I, take leftovers and transform them. We turn scrap clothes into loved dolls, we spend Sunday afternoons clipping coupons, we spend Facebook time scouring the swap sites for deals for our kids and homes. We try so many different things to help our families and revel in our victories!!!!

So if you see me cruisin’ with the stereo turned up loud, you can bet I’m rockin’ out celebrating some bargain that I found!

Remember….They Will Love Your Effort<3


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