If all movies were $10 or less on iTunes I might never buy another DVD



Sigh…this mess happens several times a day…my son opens up our tv cabinet, and proceeds to dump everything on the floor. Yes, we could put child locks on it, but that would mean taking a level of independence away from our daughter who is older.

I will start this all by saying I have never tried any other device than AppleTV for streaming. We have mostly Apple products in our house. We gave droids a chance and went back to Apple as soon as possible.

I’m always so excited when we get a digital copy with our purchase! We load it into our iTunes account and then put the DVD away. When it comes time for a movie, instead of emptying out all our DVDs yet again, we turn on our AppleTV and go cruising through our digital library.

It is SO NICE to be able to switch between movies without the box shuffle! No matter how your movies are organized, a two year old can have them all off the shelf and looking like a DVD rug within moments.

The frustrating thing is that the current price for new movies on iTunes is the same as a hard copy DVD with digital copy. Even renting one from iTunes can be $3.98, which makes it frustrating to want to rent since you can get a redbox movie for $1.20. Now, if I were constantly getting new releases and grown up movies, maybe I’d feel differently, but to me, $20 on a sole digital copy is just a little too pricey.

So, for now, we will continue our DVD battle with the hopes that some day prices will become more reasonable and our hard copies will be a thing of the past. My daughter tries to help us contain the debris from our two year old adorable tornado. He loves to help us pick the movie. Someday it won’t be an issue…so for now we work with this…


Remember…They Will Love Your Effort

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