The Tale of a Tail…And Other Mice Accessories<3



Spring play season is upon us. My daughter is in the midst of preparing for her role as a earth worm:-)

My friend came to me with the request to help transform her daughter into a rat.

When it comes to planning an outfit for my friend’s daughter, we wanted to do it as economically as possible. This outfit will be used once and then for play. It is for a 6 yr old, so of course it needs to be somewhat playable.

Luckily my daughter had a fur vest (thank you Target end of season clearance! You can read about it here:

I also believe heavily in repurposing. My post about that (

Thank you husband for knowing me all too well and giving me your ruined work pants! Lol!! I took a pair or my husbands old work pants and decided it would be a perfect rat tail. I used the crease in the pants as my guide and used my rotary cutter to go to work:-)



If you’ve never sewed, you always sew
the item inside out, then turn right side out. Usually it’s not a big deal, but when sewing something that is really small(small opening of the tail end), I decided to try the ribbon trick I had seen before. You take a ribbon and sew it at the very end of the piece you need to turn right side out. So I pinned the ribbon, put it inside where i was sewing, sewed the seam, then pulled on the ribbon to turn it right side out, then cut the ribbon;-)



Now for stuffing…I had the stuffing already sitting around from old craft projects. I needed something to push the stuffing all the way to the tip. I had part of a curtain rod that fit perfectly down the length of the tail. I put a small amount of stuffing in, pushed it down with the rod and repeated until it was full. I used my sewing machine to close up the end. I then went back to the old pair of pants and cut off a belt loop that I then sewed to the end of the tail.


To make the ears, my friend went to Joanne fabrics and found a headband for $1 and three sheets of felt(pink, white, & gray) 0.17/sheet.

I cut a practice shape out of paper, looked at how it could go onto the headband, and then traced it onto the gray sheet of felt, cut it out, then used my hot glue gun to glue it on.

I then drew out just a small ‘u’ for the center of the ear on paper, looked to see if I liked it, then traced it onto the felt, cut it out, then hot glued it onto the headband as well.

To make a nose, I rolled a piece of paper to make a cone, made sure it for my friend’s daughter, then cut it out of the felt, glued it, glued some elastic to hold it to her face, and then glued on a black pipe cleaner that was cut into 4 pieces:-)

I love my hot glue gun! Lol!!! My friend doesn’t know how to sew, so using a hot glue gun was perfect(she has a hot glue gun and can fix this if it breaks without worry:-)

The my daughter and her friend(who they call each other sister), loved the rat outfit! They actually pretended that they were puppies:-). I love a child’s imagination<3


Was this expertly made, no way! Did our kids love it all the same…you betcha!!! My friend’s daughter is going to be one super cute rat!!!

Remember….They Will Love Your Effort<3

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