Have To Go Somewhere? Solving The Sleeping Toddler Dilema


We had errands to run this afternoon after picking up my daughter. My son usually takes his nap in the car waiting in carline. Today we were very active at my daughter’s school. Going there is one of his favorite things to do. So…my son didn’t get his usual nap. He fell asleep on our way to running errands.

At 2 1/2yrs old, he will not
soundly transfer from sleeping in his car seat to a stroller. Lowering him wakes him up. I could have woken him up, but that’s taking a gamble on guessing the temperament of an unrested child….doesn’t always end up in the parent’s favor.

So, as we arrived for an afternoon snack break at Moe’s, I pulled out my ‘baby carrier’, soundly transferred my son from car seat to carrier, took a picture, then went in for an impromptu mommy daughter date:-).

I own a Toddler Kinderpack, a baby carrier specifically designed for bigger children. It has a wide base designed to hold children safely knee to knee and can support up to 50 lbs(my son is only 32lbs)They make preschool carriers as well, but I’m moving up as needed. I’ll do another post on my carriers sometime 🙂

***A lot of people ask me if carrying him hurts my back and I always say that carrying him is lighter than my backpack was in college. In my carrier he’s snuggled in close to my back as opposed to pulling my back backwards like how a lot of books in a backpack do.

My daughter and I had a great snack, chatting about her day, what we’re going to do this weekend, her upcoming birthday party….all while her brother lay sleeping peacefully snuggled all cozy on my back getting some much needed rest.




We ran to two stores after our break. Everyone was rested and refueled and it made life so much happier<3. Simple and easy.

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3

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