Frozen Inspired Party: Svens for the Sleds



Frozen party…we’re not done yet!

When throwing a party, I love to find a theme and then do one big thing to center around the theme. For my daughter’s Frozen party, we decided on making sleds for the seats, which you can see how to do that here (A Frozen Birthday Party: Sleds for Seating | theywillloveyoureffort I did buy pillows for everyone’s sleds($2.50/pillow).

So, once all the sleds were done, we could have just called it good. In my opinion, everything is now icing:-). We can do even more or just stop and it could be good.

My daughter and son both love stuffed animals and think that Sven from Frozen is hilarious! She thought it would be so cool to have Sven pulling the sled. I figure…if I can, I can…if I can’t find anything, it’s ok, I wouldn’t beat myself up over it.

Well, if you have tried to find anything frozen, it is next to impossible. I was hoping to find 8 little Svens, but only came up with a dozen tiny reindeer with Velcro hands from Oriental Trading Company. I was bummed, but…my daughter thought they were adorable. Once again, I remind myself of my mantra ‘they will love your effort’. It doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ in my mind’s picture, it just to be loved:-)

Here are what the reindeer looked like at first:


My daughter was thrilled that we went to the craft store to pick out ribbon for the harnesses that we would make.

The harnesses were very easy to make. I made a loop around the neck, tied it in a knot, ran the ribbon down the back of it, then circled it’s belly, tied that in a knot and then cut the ribbon.




I then took ribbon, made a big loop with it to make the reins, cut it and tied it to the back of the reindeer’s center section of the harness.

These reindeer will be ‘pulling the sleds’. Since they don’t look like Sven, my daughter thought the everyone could name it themselves and the last name would be Sven:-). She is thinking she’ll name hers ‘Buttercup Sven’ and my son is thinking ‘Spider-Man Sven’. Lol!!! I love it<3

If we have time before the party, we might embellish the collars of the reindeer, but if we don't get to it, it will be just fine:-). Like I said, after making the sleds and getting pillows for the kids to sit on IN the sleds, everything else is just icing:-)

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3

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