Three SUPER EASY, FAST, CHEAP, & CUTE Teacher Appreciation Gifts




Friday night I received an email from my daughter’s school notifying me that this week is their teacher/staff appreciation. Everyday they have a different theme of something to do/give.

Luckily I had been mentally preparing as well as pinning TONS if stuff off of Pinterest.

Day 1 – homemade gift from your child to someone: my daughter made a card

Day 2- handwritten thank you notes: as soon as my kids are asleep, I’ll write 13 thank you notes to the people she wants to say thank you too. While walking through Walmart for a needs run, I thought about making rolo pencils…but found mini Twix and thought those would be super cute as pencils.

Here is how I made them:
First I taped both ends of the mini Twix down. Second, I used a mini pink post it and taped it at the top end(like an eraser). Third I taped a Hershey kiss at the other end(like the pencil tip). Finally, I used another regular post it and taped it around the body. SUPER EASY! SUPER CUTE! SUPER CHEAP!


Day 3 – send in flowers or plants: I’m not a fan if flowers or plants…I love them, but I seriously have a black thumb. I am, however, a fan of chocolate! So we made little flowers that say ‘Thanks for helping me to ‘bloom’ and then taped a rolo candy to the bottom:-). My type of flower! SUPER EASY! SUPER CUTE! SUPER CHEAP!



Day 4 – Send in a snack: We haven’t figured this one out, but will just bake something.

Day 5- Send in a drink or gift card to get a drink: This was my favorite!!!! We were walking down the coffee aisle at Walmart and I saw the TAZO Passion tea!!!!! I thought ‘Thank you for your PASSION to TEA-ch me!’ Love love love!!!!! The tea packets are individually wrapped so it was PERFECT AND there are 20 bags per box for $3.20!!!! That means we can give them to EVERYONE!!! SUPER EASY! SUPER CUTE! SUPER CHEAP!


All in all I think I will have spent about $15 for the whole week!!!

Nothing is very big….Nothing is very extravagant….but….

Remember….They Will Love Your Effort<3

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