Lunch Box Tools: My Jouney


Did I always make fun lunches? No. I would look at them on Pinterest and dream. I thought they would be so hard to make, take too much time, and thought they used expensive tools to do it all.

When my daughter started having lunch at preschool, I began my journey. It’s hard! Silly, I know, but it’s hard to decide what to use for a lunch box and how you are going to pack everything.

I first decided to use these containers:IMG_8330.JPG

They had ice packs that could clip into the kids and I thought that the different shape options would be great! Well, after a few times of my daughter using them, we were both frustrated:-/. She couldn’t open them on her own and I couldn’t clip the ice packs in and out:-(.

So I started researching again. I started to follow a mom on Facebook called ‘100 days of real food’ and she would always post amazing pictures of her kids lunches. She also had reviewed a ton of different lunch box containers. Being a mom of a preschooler, I wasn’t about to make a $60 investment in lunchbox, so I opted for the Ziplock divided containers. It was $10 for 4 containers. They are leak proof between sections too which meant that I could send her applesauce and other things all in ONE CONTAINER. Having volunteered at preschool before, I know as a grown up at lunch time a lot of the time is filled with opening containers and packages for kids. If you can do it all yourself you get more time to eat. To my relief, my daughter could easily open AND close we ziplock container.

I also stepped into the world of making her lunches fun. It was after Easter, I as at a local craft store and they had mini cookie cutter sets on sale for $0.75. I figured for that price I could try. Mini cookie cutters work perfect for cutting cheese and thin veggies like cucumbers and carrots:-). Packing lunches became fun for both of us!

Then my daughter made the move I elementary school. I decided not to switch lunch containers simply because ours were working so well.


For lunches starting fall of 2013, we added some fun food picks, more mini cookie cutters I had picked up sale over time, a sandwich press (target $0.99), and a rice panda mold my husband had gotten on travel. My daughter LOVES rice! We also added a thermos so she could have the option of soup or warm foods.

Here are some of the other containers and accessories I have gotten along the way:

Although we use the ziplock container 99.9% of the time, sometimes she may just want a small amount of food. Some of the containers came with various bags I’ve bought for other reasons:-). I also use JUMBO silicone muffin holders as opposed to regular sized ones, and food picks(not toothpicks;-)

I have collected all of these things over a long period of time.

I’m just so happy that now my daughter is doing this herself now!!!


She thinks it’s fun!!!! Yay!!!

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3!!!

Hi! My name is Dominique and I’m lucky enough to be the wife to my True Love and mother to a little girl and a little boy. I grew up in the Midwest but have loved living in NC, our new home.

I’m actually an Industrial Engineer by schooling, but am now a domestic engineer(Stay-at-home-Mom) and feel very blessed to have this job.

I have always loved the challenge in making the most of things…whether it’s figuring out that a filing cabinet , a $10 piece of countertop and a few scraps of wood can be turned into a desk, that a curtain sheer, some ribbon, and a square piece of fabric can be transformed into an Elsa-like dress, or how to provide an interesting lunch for my little girl who is in a peanut free classroom. I love to figure things out and to create.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts. I hope that my posts will inspire you to create. I hope that with my posts you will see that They Will Love Your Effort, whether things turn our perfect or not;-)

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