A Special Delivery Trip to Brenner Children’s Hospital

I have been away from posting for a while as I was feverishly getting ready for my second and final craft fair for the year.

As I was painting late one night a good friend of mine asked if she could purchase a set of peg people from me and if the duplicate set could go to a very deserving and brave little girl who at that very moment was in the children’s hospital awaiting surgery. She also asked if I could delivery that next day as the little girl was having surgery that afternoon.

Without hesitation I said yes.

Thursday morning, I dropped my daughter off at school and then returned home to ready the special delivery.

I made a card and personalized it for this very special delivery. IMG_9896.JPG
How could this card not make you smile? I hope the little girl enjoyed it<3 I wrapped it all up and my son and I took off for the hospital with this very special delivery: IMG_9940.JPG

Whenever I’ve done my deliveries to the hospital, the Director of Child Affairs comes down and meets me in valet parking or they have me leave it with valet and then they come and collect it.

This time, I parked in valet and asked if I could leave the delivery with the information desk and that they would then deliver it. They asked me to deliver it to the surgical center and to the little girl.

So, our adventure began. We parked our car and went into the hospital. To be honest, I’ve actually never been in in the hospital. I try to be as little disruptive as possible. I try to be as anonymous as possible. This was new to me.

As I entered the children’s wing, it was so moving. The hospital had such a warm and welcoming environment. I cannot even put into words the amount of work that must have gone into the smallest of details to create what they have done. The carpet, the colors, the wall art, the lighting and use of glass walls to create open feelings in these massive buildings. It was just so impressive.

As I approached the little girls room I immediately noticed all the frozen decorations on her door and saw that it was birthday(yesterday). I knocked on her door to deliver the special order from my friend and the little girl’s mother came to meet me. They were so sweet and kind. We stayed very briefly. I gave the mother the gift for her daughter and wished the little girl good luck on her surgery and then was on my way.

As I walked the maze back to my car I was moved to tears. Wishing that the little girl’s surgery goes well, that she is able to go on with the rest of her life without lasting impacts from the accident that had put her in the hospital, just so many thoughts….especially since I was walking out of the surgical center along side my healthy 3 year old daredevil son.

My mind and heart also went to the parents. Before I had children, I didn’t know how much a parent’s heart could ache. I had always heard that what pains a child pains the parent too, but until I became pregnant with my first child I didn’t fully grasp that statement.

Being a parent is the greatest gift. The hardest thing is knowing that you cannot take away the pain from your child. You are helpless. You can protect your child. You can put as many safeguards in place, but ultimately you cannot protect your child 100%.

When my children have been in pain, I would have given anything to take that pain away. In the end, all you can do is be strong and comfort them.

The mother of that sweet little girl in the hospital was such a model of strength. While I only visited with her briefly, I could not get over her calmness. She looked so together and I cannot even commend her enough with the strength she was showing. As a parent, EVERY SECOND that you are together while your child is sick or injured or dealing with something, you should be proud of yourself. It is hard! I wanted to crumple into a pile of tears just knowing and seeing a whole section dedicated to the care of sick/injured children. It was just so moving.

We finally made it out of the hospital and I was beyond excited about that coming Saturday 11/15/14. I was participating in another craft fair. For every peg person/box that I sell, I make and donate the equivalent to the children’s hospital. The very place that I had just left. The place where I’ve already donated two loads of peg people sets.

As I sat at the craft fair on Saturday, my most favorite part was watching children causally walk past my booth and then stop in their tracks to admire the tiny peg people that I have painted. For some, their mouths literally dropped open! I would even see parents smiling as they walked past(for some it was a few times) before they stopped and admitted they thought it was cool:-). For every person that smiled when they looked at my booth, I thought of all the smiles that my peg people have and will bring to the children at the children’s hospital.

I feel so very blessed that I found something that I can do that can bring so much joy to so many people. I love what I do. It may not be very big, but I always think it’s the little things that count.


Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3


Hi! My name is Dominique and I’m lucky enough to be the wife to my True Love and mother to a little girl and a little boy. I grew up in the Midwest but have loved living in NC, our new home.

I’m actually an Industrial Engineer by schooling, but am now a domestic engineer(Stay-at-home-Mom) and feel very blessed to have this job.

I have always loved the challenge in making the most of things…whether it’s figuring out that a filing cabinet , a $10 piece of countertop and a few scraps of wood can be turned into a desk, that a curtain sheer, some ribbon, and a square piece of fabric can be transformed into an Elsa-like dress, or how to provide an interesting lunch for my little girl who is in a peanut free classroom. I love to figure things out and to create.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts. I hope that my posts will inspire you to create. I hope that with my posts you will see that They Will Love Your Effort, whether things turn our perfect or not;-)

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