Super Fast AND Comfy Elsa Inspired Dress! PRINCESS DRESS TRICK

In case you have moved on from FROZEN….I haven’t…I still absolutely LOVE that movie.  Yes, as a stress reliever I blare ‘Let It Go’ from my vehicle as I drive around town singing at the top of my lungs…no children present.  Needless to say, I was THRILLED when one of my friends said that her daughter still loved FROZEN and desperately wanted a Elsa inspired dress for her .  Do you see this beautiful little girl in the pictures?  How could you NOT want to make something for her?  She is such a character!


Well, in making another Elsa inspired dress, I pride myself that each dress I have made has been a one of a kind design:-)  I LOVE thinking of new ways to make things.  This time, I think I’ve found my new favorite items for making clothes….it’s satin blanket seem binding!!!!!!  LOL!!!!!  Here is the picture the supplies that I used to make the dress:  Two different types of material (1 transparent-cape and 1 solid-body), 2″ wide satin seem binding cut to length, 1″ wide regular ribbon (Strap and cinching), FRAYE CHECK (SUPER IMPORTANT!!!! PREVENTS FRAYING!!!!), two small pieces of velcro, and optional snowflake buttons.


1.  First off, I needed to make sure my fabrics lined up and were straight.  A rotary tool and straight edge work great for this!IMG_1467 2.  Since for this dress, the sheer fabric will be equal over the solid part, it was very simple to start piecing together.  I lined up what would be the top part of the dress, folded over 1/4″ to the wrong side(what will become the inside of the dress), pinned and sewed.  IMG_1468

See…It’s not even that pretty, but….This will be covered up the the seem binding;-)  This seam will hold the fabrics together and be one more barrier to prevent the dress from falling apart.  I cannot stress enough how much it drives me crazy when those adorable store bought dresses instantly start to ravel!  Ugh!IMG_1469

3.  So, here is a big trick…now that the dress is held together at the top part of the dress seam, I go through and PAINT EVERY PIECE OF FABRIC EDGE WITH FRAY CHECK!!!!!!  This is a clear glue that goes on clear and dries clear.  It’s not sticky at all.  It prevents the fabric from unraveling;-)  It’s always best to do a test patch to make sure that it will not discolor your item, but honestly, to me, a little discoloring will not be nearly as noticed or annoying as much as an unraveling dress that you constantly have to trim.


4.  After the dress had been painted with FRAY CHECK, I attached the seam binding to what would become the top of the dress.  Since this dress is a cinching dress, the seam binding just has to be as long as your dress fabric is.  MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR FABRIC TO THE TOP OF THE SEAM BINDING AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU MAKE YOUR SEWING LINE ALONG THE BOTTOM OF THE SEAM BINDING.  YOU WILL BE FEEDING YOUR RIBBON THAT WILL BE USED TO SINCE THE BODICE THROUGH THIS SPACE!!!!

Seam binding is really awesome because it already has an incredible crease in it.  It is my preferred method to finish blanket edges (It’s more forgiving;-) and it’s SUPER SOFT!  I love living in my dresses, when I was little I loved living in my dresses, my children love living in their dress-up clothes, and I wanted to make sure that they little girl receiving this gift would be able to live in this dress as well:-)


See how beautiful the crease is?  SO EASY!!!!!IMG_1472

I always love how it turns out finished!!!  IMG_1473

5.  These not so pretty edges will be covered up by extra fabric when the dress is worn because the cinching will cover it up.  HOWEVER, we all know how much I do not like FRAYING, so I actually cheated and used a lighter to finish up the ends of the ribbon.  To do that, simple hold a lighter (fire) close to the unfinished ribbon….slowly bring the flame to the ribbon, you’ll see the ribbon curl up and sort of melt.  DO NOT GO TOO FAST OR TOO CLOSE!  YOU’LL SET THE DRESS ON FIRE!  When in doubt use regular FRAY CHECK and paint it:-) IMG_1474

6.  Close the body of the dress.  Bring the two wrong sides of the dress together, roll the seam over and sew it.  This will create the tube body of the dress:-)


7.  Take your ribbon, attach it to a safety pin and feed it through the seam binding:-) You can even leave the ribbon on the spool and wait until you have it all the way fed through PLUS extra then cut:-)  This is how you will tighten the dress for wearing.IMG_1475

See the ribbon floating in there:-)IMG_1476

8.  For the strap, I took two long pieces of ribbon, folded over the end and hand sewed in to the inside of the dress and repeated for the second strap.  IMG_1477

Pinning always helps:-)IMG_1478

This dress is going to be a halter top:-)IMG_1479

Final touches of velcro attached to the cape and dress as well as snow flake buttons make this complete!IMG_1480


I love that since this dress has a tying neck as well as a cinching body, this dress could fit this little girl for a LONG TIME<3!!!!!

I might not be a professional seamstress, I did miss taking a few pictures of some steps, however, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

By far the best part of all of this has been when I go and randomly visit my friend and her daughter answers the door wearing this dress!  So SWEET!  I love that she loves to wear it!!!!

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3

Hi! My name is Dominique and I’m lucky enough to be the wife to my True Love and mother to a little girl and a little boy. I grew up in the Midwest but have loved living in NC, our new home.

I’m actually an Industrial Engineer by schooling, but am now a domestic engineer(Stay-at-home-Mom) and feel very blessed to have this job.

I have always loved the challenge in making the most of things…whether it’s figuring out that a filing cabinet , a $10 piece of countertop and a few scraps of wood can be turned into a desk, that a curtain sheer, some ribbon, and a square piece of fabric can be transformed into an Elsa-like dress, or how to provide an interesting lunch for my little girl who is in a peanut free classroom. I love to figure things out and to create.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts. I hope that my posts will inspire you to create. I hope that with my posts you will see that They Will Love Your Effort, whether things turn our perfect or not;-)

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