First Day of School Lunch

I love to make fun lunches…for the most part.  I’m so thrilled that now my daughter pretty much packs it herself:-)

For 8/24 my daughter has packed herself:  green beans, oyster crackers, grapes, a cheese stick, and a smoothie.

Her use of our fancy toothpicks cracks me up.  Toothpicks are a great way to make the lunch not only fun, but offers a great alternative to sending a fork;-)

Here is a little word of wisdom too…I always send a pair of scissors in her lunch. Before you send scissors,  make sure it’s ok with the teacher first.  My daughter loves the fact that she doesn’t ever struggle to get hardly anything open.  If you observe a class lunch, it’s usually 20+ students to one maybe two adults who have to not only eat lunch themselves in the short amount of time, but open containers and packages for the whole class as well.  My daughter loved being a mini helper by being able to cut open the yogurt tubes and fruit snack packages of her friends around her.

Happy back to school everyone!!!!

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3

Hi! My name is Dominique and I’m lucky enough to be the wife to my True Love and mother to a little girl and a little boy. I grew up in the Midwest but have loved living in NC, our new home.

I’m actually an Industrial Engineer by schooling, but am now a domestic engineer(Stay-at-home-Mom) and feel very blessed to have this job.

I have always loved the challenge in making the most of things…whether it’s figuring out that a filing cabinet , a $10 piece of countertop and a few scraps of wood can be turned into a desk, that a curtain sheer, some ribbon, and a square piece of fabric can be transformed into an Elsa-like dress, or how to provide an interesting lunch for my little girl who is in a peanut free classroom. I love to figure things out and to create.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts. I hope that my posts will inspire you to create. I hope that with my posts you will see that They Will Love Your Effort, whether things turn our perfect or not;-)

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