Pallet Entertaining Shelf

We fell in love with our house when we saw the back deck.  It is a dream!  We purchased a patio set right away but had been struggling to figure what do do to the rest of it to fit our needs.  We had an old, super old, stereo system that we had been using on an old shoe shelf on our deck and it was driving me crazy.  We kept a few of our kids toys underneath of the shoe shelf as well.  After seeing so many amazing pallet projects posted, I decided it was time I try my hand at it.  I have pictures of my finished product as well as how it came to be all below…

Here is MY finished product: 2 regular pallets, 4 chunks of random 4×4, 2 pieces of random 1×4, 8-12×12″patio stones, and 2 random landscaping stones.

Finished Pallet Entertaining Shelf!

Side View: You can see the 4×4’s and 1×4 at the bottom used to make the shelf very stable.

Here was the entertaining shelf that we had:


Original entertaining shelf that NEEDED to be replaced!

Here was the Pinterest/Facebook pallet shelf that I was inspired by.  The one thing that I did not care for in this design was that I needed more usable space on it.  I had noticed that the pallet naturally has 3 ‘shelves’ that are the cross supports to the actual pallet itself.  I also did not care for how narrow this design was.  I had a fear that it would be more apt to tipping over and with my little ones and my friends little ones running around, falling concrete patio stones were just not something that I cared to have to worry about.

Pallet shelf I saw on Pinterest and Facebook that I used as my inspiration.

The Start:  1 crowbar, 1 hammer, 1 pair of safety glasses, 2 pallets

After I brought home 2 pallets, I simply stood them up back to back and decided which slats needed to be removed in order to reveal the middle ‘shelf’ that I needed to put the stereo on.  I marked those slats with a red x so that when I laid them down and went to work with my crowbar I wouldn’t get confused.


Original pallet, crowbar, hammer, and safety glasses

I carefully removed the red x slats and made sure not to damage the slats.  I also made sure to IMMEDIATELY remove the nails and to remove them carefully so that I could reuse them;-) I didn’t have appropriate nails for this project and didn’t feel like purchasing a big box of them.

The picture below shows the pallet used for the FRONT of the shelf.


For the back of the shelf I didn’t need to remove as many slats.  I just removed the ones that lined up to form that middle ‘shelf’ reach through.


These are the crazy nails that I pulled out of the slats that I removed and then reused!  Not only is it a great way to help with safety(ensuring no one will step on a nail), but it’s also a great way to conserve on materials and cost.IMG_4238

Here is the unpainted version before the 4×4’s and 1×4’s were added:  It was SUCH a HUGE improvement! IMG_4423

My husband and father-in-law took 4-4×4″ pieces and secured them at the top and bottom of each corner of the pallet shelf and then using our nail gun nailed the pallets together.  Then just to be sure our shelf was as stable as it could get, they took two 16″ pieces of 1×4″ that we had and secured that to the base.  Now we can have little ones run around our deck and wont have to worry about any thing falling!



I ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR NEW SHELF!!!!  It has made our deck just amazing!  Now, when we entertain we have a spot where we can set items that we aren’t using.  Our tables would get so cluttered with lids of dishes and such.  We took for granted our counter space that we had inside when we would entertain there that I had always forgotten about that need OUTSIDE.  I’m so excited!!!!!!  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this project!!!!!  Doesn’t it make you want to pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and relax for a while?:-)IMG_5608.JPG IMG_5610.JPG

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